What is First Peace

First Peace is a state of well being. It is a way of living peace in the self on a daily basis. Through eight universal practices of awakening, opening, transcending, remembering, honoring, dreaming, walking and guarding that open our wisdom and knowledge, we can create a life of harmony and deep meaning

What is the First Peace Movement?

The First Peace People’s Movement is based on circles of people in communities and countries around the world, learning and sharing Eight Universal Principles and Practices of Peace that are the basis for living in harmony with the universe, thus living peace in the self. This movement is designed for vast numbers of circles in every country in the world, fostering a people’s movement worldwide to create a strong culture of peace.

Who is involved?

There are hundreds of individuals around the world from different cultures, traditions and ages meeting, gathering, sharing and collaborating. They are sharing their wisdom; they are learning from each other and cultivating a life of living peace in the self. These circles of peace are spreading community to community as more and more people are joining this movement.

“The Invitation”

This invitation is for me
because it is known that
I am a dreamer
I am at cause in this
my world
I know
that it is time to
change the world

there are many of us
on the planet
that are
a part of
the blessed unrest

a world-wise
people’s movement
is in motion

to awaken…
to the Mystery of Life in each of us
to open…to the depth of stillness
to transcend…separation
to remember…why we are here
to honor…the sacred container
to dream…the magic
to walk…the high path
to guard…the spirit fire

I hear peace
I touch peace
I remember peace
I share peace
I sing peace
I dream peace
I am peace

what if it was up to me?

it is!