What is the First Peace Circle Program?

  • A First Peace Circle is a group of people who have made a commitment to explore the Eight Universal Principles and Practices of First Peace over a period of eight months, with a weekend before and a weekend after. Meetings are facilitated by a Circle Leader.
  • The Circle Leader will have access to a curriculum, in harmony with many cultures and traditions, for use in monthly meetings
  • The Circle Leader will have access to eleven 30-minute videos, opening the principles and practices of First Peace to use in the circle gatherings
  • First Peace Circle Handbooks are provided for circle members
  • A set of First Peace Circle Cards are provided for circle members
  • Dialogue is used to open the experience of how to live peace in the self
  • Monthly practices are offered to inspire integration of living peace in daily life

How can I start a First Peace Circle in my community?

  • Become a trained SeedPlanter (contact institute@ehama.org to join a training)
  • Contact a trained SeedPlanter in your area (see firstpeacecircles.org)

What is a SeedPlanter?

  • A SeedPlanter is trained to offer First Peace Circles in their local communities and to become a skilled Circle Leader. Individuals who have an interest in cultivating First Peace can become Circle Leaders. Leaders work in a non-hierarchical manner, are open to many spiritual paths and have a desire to assist in activating higher consciousness for peace.
  • Circles share practices of peace from our cultures and traditions to inspire and awaken our collective capacity to live peace in our lives as a daily practice. The Circle Leader calls a group together in their community and facilitates the First Peace Circle Learning Journey using the First Peace Circle Learning Journey curriculum.

How to become a Circle Leader: SeedPlanter Training

  • Those who are interested in hosting a community circle to cultivate First Peace may sign up for the SeedPlanter Training. This is a rare opportunity to learn the Way of First Peace and to become a SeedPlanter, one who carries the ancient wisdom seeds of peace to live in the self and to share with others.
  • The in-person training consists of 7 full days. This training is for anyone who shares a passion for creating a culture of peace and who is called to contribute to their community by starting a First Peace Circle. The online training is 7-8 days depending on time zones. This training is offered both in person and in an online format. Inquire at institute@ehama.org for more information.