What is the First Peace Circle Program?

A First Peace Circle is a group of people who have made a commitment to explore the eight Universal Principles and Practices of Peace over 12 months. Meetings are facilitated by a Circle Leader and include:
• A designed curriculum, in harmony with many cultures and traditions, for use with the 12 one-day monthly meetings
• Video presentations by WindEagle and RainbowHawk of Ehama Institute. These 30-minute videos open each of the principles and practices and provide a deepening into the ancient Earth Wisdom from which they emerged
• Group discussions, individual practices, creative projects, movement, walkabouts - various methods of experiencing the principles and practices on a personal level
• Monthly assignments with recommended activities for between meetings that enable all circle members to deeply integrate the Principles and Practices of First Peace into their lives
• A Pay it forward component that encourages participants to bring First Peace into their community
• Shared practices of peace inspire and awaken our collective capacity to live peace in our lives as a daily practice.

  How can I start a First Peace Circle in my community?
  Decide you would like to start a First Peace Circle in your community. Gather some friends in your neighborhood or community and register with your circle. Once you register, the teaching materials will then be sent to you. You will become the Circle Leader and will facilitate the journey.
  What is a Circle Leader? Do I need training?
  A Circle Leader is anyone from any faith or tradition who has an interest in cultivating First Peace. The Circle Leader calls a group together and facilitates the year-long learning journey using the Living Peace Curriculum of teachings and assignments. Facilitators work in a non-hierarchical manner, are open to many spiritual paths and desire to assist in activating higher consciousness for peace. Circle Leaders do not need training as they can simply follow the Living Peace Curriculum.
  How can I register my First Peace circle and receive my materials?
  To register, click here and deposit your registration fee. As soon as your fee is received you will receive a notification and your materials will be mailed to you.
  What is included in the curriculum materials that come with the program?
  After the circle is registered, the Circle Leader will receive the following materials: Circle Leader Learning Journey Curriculum Guide that contains the full curriculum for the one-year journey, including a facilitator guide for 12 day-long meetings as well as information about how to access 12 online training video's. Also included will be copies of the First Peace Handbook and sets of the First Peace Practice Cards for each circle member and for the Circle Leader. It usually takes about ten days for the materials to arrive.