World Foundation For The Discipline Of Peace

First Peace Circles Around The World
The World Foundation for the Discipline of Peace will achieve its vision through the following:

International Peace Centers open the vision to see that each of us, as light, can stand for peace, be a living center for peace, no matter where we are on the planet. As more and more individuals choose to live peace in themselves and share the energy that emanates from a peaceful center, that light will expand.

Living Peace Curriculum is based on Eight Universal Principles and Practices which arise from ancient earth wisdom teachings. These principles and practices are keys to understanding the nature of the universe and open the door to living peace in the self through inquiry and practice in community circles.

Training Youth Leaders in Universities to co-create solutions for the UN World Sustainability Goals is currently being piloted.

Traditions in Collaboration calls for peoples of many traditions and cultures to come together to share practices of peace and to form supportive networks of collaborative projects within local communities. This is a way of honoring our unique ways of being and celebrating our diversity.

Councils of Peace invite us all to enter into a dialogue of what is needed to create a culture of peace on our planet. Understanding each other, gathering our collective wisdom and awakening our individual awareness are some of the deep benefits of sitting in council in our local communities. Councils can take place around a fire or around a table, enabling each of us to share the depth of what is needed